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Energy Acuity (EA), is a Denver, Colorado-based leading provider of power generation and power delivery market intelligence. Founded in 2008, EA’s mission is to support the electric power industry and the significant impact of renewable power sources to change the economics of power generation and delivery. Our mission is driven by our passion and commitment to making a positive impact in national and global power markets. EA was founded on the principle that essential energy market research could be conducted and presented more efficiently than traditional third-party data providers. EA’s unique approach merges primary research, public resource aggregation, web monitoring and expert analysis that is delivered through a simple, dynamic online platform to best support our clients’ focus on actionable information and their desire to succeed.

Commitment to Community

Energy Acuity is passionate about making a different not only for the environment but also for the community we live in. We’re proud to call Denver, CO home and we will continue to volunteer and support non-profit causes in the regions.   If you’re a non-profit in Denver, CO (or surrounding areas) and are looking for volunteers or media support…

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Energy Acuity has partnered with St. Baldricks Foundation for the past 7 years raising over $50,000 and volunteer head shaving. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has funded over $234 million in childhood cancer research grants, more than any other organization except the U.S. government. Since 2004, St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events in Denver have raised over $6.8 million for childhood cancer research! More than 30 Denver events took place last year in honor of local children with cancer, survivors, and those who have passed away.

Energy Acuity has partnered with Denver Children’s Home for the past 6 years. Denver Children’s Home provides a comprehensive therapeutic and educational continuum of care for the region’s abused, neglected and traumatized children and their families with mental health issues.

2018 Denver Children’s Home Experience

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With Energy Acuity I can easily track down companies by projects and their specific verticals. I can create reports at the click of a button and EA does the rest. If I find a project from another resource I always put the info into EA to find additional projects, executives/contacts. I really do not use the home screen very often as I am exploring the sub categories with my work. Without EA I could not perform my job properly as it involves 100% hunting and prospecting for my outside sales team.

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