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“Insightful and easy to use!”

Strategic Alliance Manager, Also Energy

“In contrast to the other types of services that let us know about RFP/RFI Bids, this is the way a lead service should function. By communicating with those who have real-time project information.”

Regional Sales Manager, Siemens

“Great Customer DB for current activity!”

Director of Sales, Utilismart Corporation

“Energy Acuity is very responsive! Even when utility solar development wasn’t readily available in their database, their support team worked quickly to create a dataset that suited my team’s needs.”

Research Associate, SEPA Power

“Helps us to better understand the activity in the market and identify and assess opportunities.”

Utility Solutions Market Manager, Honeywell

SMA America LogoEnergy Acuity is a key part of my sales development activity. I leverage the email function to alert me to newly submitted or revised interconnect applications. I also use the Company profile to better understand my customers’ key contacts and development activity. Energy Acuity is an outstanding tool that I highly recommend for accelerating sales growth.

Strategic Account Manager, SMA America

GE - Energy Acuity Customer Success
“Energy Acuity helped me gain much more intelligence and information with utilities.”

Market Intelligence Analyst, GE

“Comprehensive database and the place to start your research.”

Residential & Commercial Sales Manager, Array Technologies Inc.

“Energy Acuity provides early notification of potential projects that could need a railhead for inbound components. EA allows logistics professionals the ability to have a forward-looking tool and develop solutions well ahead of the game!”

Regional Manager Economic Development, BNSF

“Energy Acuity gives you insights that you wouldn’t get otherwise!”

Inside Sales Leader, Ciena

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Energy Acuity Customer Success
“Energy Acuity provides the information we need on renewable energy construction.”

Business Development Specialist, IBEW

Pheonix Contact - Energy Acuity Customer Success“Energy Acuity is a good resource for understanding what projects utilities are currently working on.”

Business Development Manager, Phoenix Contact

“Easy to use, all in one tool for energy market insights!”

Director of Origination, Engie

“Energy Acuity allows you to get queue and project information in one, centralized location.”

Development Analysis, Southern Current LLC

“Energy Acuity allows us to easily track the status of regulatory issues across the country from a single location.”

Director, Nextera Energy

“Energy Acuity provides great insight into utility company information about contacts and purchasing plans!”

Senior Sales Executive, IPS Energy

“Good tool for PPA project pricing and renewables data!”

Director of Strategy & Market Intelligence, NRG

“Energy Acuity is a great source for business opportunities in one single data repository!”

Director of Operations and Innovation, Primestone

Northline Utilities - Energy Acuity Customer Success


“Energy Acuity keeps us informed about important business activity without having to spend hours reading and researching!”

Business Development Consultant, Northline Utilities

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