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Energy Acuity Product Suite

Renewables| Solar & Wind

Welcome to Energy Acuity’s flagship product, the Solar & Wind Database.

Active Solar & Wind RFPs and Opportunities| 150+
Solar Projects| 19,000+
Wind Projects| 13,800+
Companies| 8,400+
Executives| 35,000+


Traditional| Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro

Welcome to the Fossil,Nucelar & Hydro Database.

Active Traditional RFPs and Opportunities| 40+
Projects| 6,000+
Companies| 1,100+
Executives| 16,000+


Energy Storage| Grid Scale & Storage

Welcome to the Grid Scale & Storage Database.

Database Details:
Active Energy Storage RFPs and Opportunities| 170+
Storage Projects| 1,000+
Companies| 330+
Executives| 26,000+


Grid| Smart Grid & Transmission Details

Welcome to the Grid Scale, Transmission & Substation Database.

Active Grid RFPs and Opportunities| 960+
Smart Grid Projects| 2,900+
Transmission Projects| 4,000+
Substations| 28,000+
Utilities| 3,500+
Executives| 31,500+


Water & Gas| Water & Gas Utility

Welcome to the Water & Gas Utility Database.

Database Details:
Active Water & Gas RFPs and Opportunities| 60+
Water Projects| 170+
Gas Projects| 70+
Companies| 2,000+
Executives| 230,000+


LMP| Locational Marginal Pricing

Welcome to the LMP Database.

Search through LMP node data by ISO, state, hub, LMP average price, LMP min price, LMP max price, congestion average price, line loss average price, congestion as % of LMP, line loss as % of LMP, negative LMP (hours), peak LMP, and/or off-peak LMP. This product also includes Node Comparison, Interactive ISO Heat Map and an exportable 7-Year Forward Pricing Curve.


30-Year Forecast| Energy Pricing Forecast

Welcome to the 30-Year Energy Pricing Forecast.

Database Details:
— In Partnership with Navigant
— Robust Forecast Development
— Transparent Methodology

30-Year Forecast Sample (.xlsx)
30-Year Forecast Methodology


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“In contracts to the other types of services that let us know about RFP/RFI Bids, this is the way a lead service should function. By communicating with those who have real-time project information.”

Regional Sales Manager, Siemens

Wesco - Energy Acuity Customer Success


“Energy Acuity provides us with better visibility to bids

Manager, Wesco

GE - Energy Acuity Customer Success
“Energy Acuity helped me gain much more intelligence and information with utilities.”

Market Intelligence Analyst, GE

Kinectrics - Energy Acuity Customer Success
“Energy Acuity gives us access to many opportunities that we may not know about.”

Director of Business Development, Kinectrics

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With Energy Acuity I can easily track down companies by projects and their specific verticals. I can create reports at the click of a button and EA does the rest. If I find a project from another resource I always put the info into EA to find additional projects, executives/contacts. I really do not use the home screen very often as I am exploring the sub categories with my work. Without EA I could not perform my job properly as it involves 100% hunting and prospecting for my outside sales team.

Business Development, ComRent

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Energy Acuity Customer Success

“Incredible breadth of coverage on projects and contacts. Easy to use.”

Business Development Manager, IBEW

Northline Utilities - Energy Acuity Customer Success


“Keeps me informed about important business activity without having to spend hours reading and researching”

Business Development Consultant, Northline Utilities

Pheonix Contact - Energy Acuity Customer Success“Energy Acuity is a good resource for understanding what projects utilities are currently working on.”

Business Development Manager, Pheonix Contact

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Energy Acuity Customer Success
“…if you are in our industry you need this!”

Director of Outside Construction, IBEW

RES Group Logo - Energy Acuity Customer Success

“Useful market intelligence. Helps identify market trends. Provides current project status information.”

Director of Project Finance and M&A, RES Group

“Energy Acuity has helped us prioritize the targeting of prospects.”

Business Development & Strategic Planning Manager, Verizon

Falcon Steel - Energy Acuity Customer Success

“Energy Acuity provides quick market intelligence.”

Estimator & Sales Manager, Falcon Steel

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