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Energy Acuity Product Suite

Renewables| Solar & Wind

Welcome to Energy Acuity’s flagship product, the Solar & Wind Database.

Active Solar & Wind RFPs and Opportunities| 150+
Solar Projects| 19,000+
Wind Projects| 13,800+
Companies| 8,400+
Executives| 35,000+


Traditional| Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro

Welcome to the Fossil,Nucelar & Hydro Database.

Active Traditional RFPs and Opportunities| 40+
Projects| 6,000+
Companies| 1,100+
Executives| 16,000+


Energy Storage| Grid Scale & Storage

Welcome to the Grid Scale & Storage Database.

Database Details:
Active Energy Storage RFPs and Opportunities| 170+
Storage Projects| 1,000+
Companies| 330+
Executives| 26,000+


Grid| Smart Grid & Transmission Details

Welcome to the Grid Scale, Transmission & Substation Database.

Active Grid RFPs and Opportunities| 960+
Smart Grid Projects| 2,900+
Transmission Projects| 4,000+
Substations| 28,000+
Utilities| 3,500+
Executives| 31,500+


Water & Gas| Water & Gas Utility

Welcome to the Water & Gas Utility Database.

Database Details:
Active Water & Gas RFPs and Opportunities| 60+
Water Projects| 170+
Gas Projects| 70+
Companies| 2,000+
Executives| 230,000+


LMP| Locational Marginal Pricing

Welcome to the LMP Database.

Search through LMP node data by ISO, state, hub, LMP average price, LMP min price, LMP max price, congestion average price, line loss average price, congestion as % of LMP, line loss as % of LMP, negative LMP (hours), peak LMP, and/or off-peak LMP. This product also includes Node Comparison, Interactive ISO Heat Map and an exportable 7-Year Forward Pricing Curve.


30-Year Forecast| Energy Pricing Forecast

Welcome to the 30-Year Energy Pricing Forecast.

Database Details:
— In Partnership with Navigant
— Robust Forecast Development
— Transparent Methodology

30-Year Forecast Sample (.xlsx)
30-Year Forecast Methodology


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