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Let us do the project research for you! Search through solar & wind projects by Project Name, Keyword, Company, Project Type, Offtaker, Project Status, Date Range, Region, Total Capacity and/or Operating Capacity.

RFPs & Opportunities

Search through daily updated Solar & Wind RFPs and find the opportunities that are right for your business. RFPs can be searched by Keyword, Issuing Company, Technology Type, Solicitation Type, Issue Date, Deadline Range and/or location. All RFPs come with full profiles linking to companies, contacts and detailed proposal information.

Who Won the Bid?

Search through Winning Bids through Energy Acuity’s RFP Awards. Sort by Proposal Name, Awardee, Contract Value, Companies Involved, State, Country or Solicitation Type.

Company Search

Looking for new partnerships? Want to expand into new Markets? Need to monitor the competition? Find the Solar & Wind company details you need in one centralized location. Search by Company Role, Location, Region, Project Type, Status, Date Range, Offtaker, and Capacity Range. Easily identify the Solar & Wind companies needed to grow your business!

Contact Search

Don’t know the right person to contact? We’ve got you covered with executive and project contact searching. Search by Name, Keyword, Country, State or Company Name and effortlessly find the executives you’re looking for!

Additional Solar & Wind Details

Filter by State or a group of States and always be informed in your geographical location.

Monitor policy changes affecting your business and search through PUC Dockets, Legislation information, and IRP analysis.

Need property information? Looking for potential rooftop solar sites or commercial offtakers?  You can search through our database of over 300,000 commercial and industrial by characteristics including building type, property owner, location, sq. ft., Lot sq. ft., Energy Usage (kwh/annual), solar adoption and more.

We bring the news to you! Energy Acuity tracks the news so you can stay up-to-date with minimal effort or time. Filter through relevant articles by industry, plant type, or date range, or search for news related to specific companies or power plants.

View the locations of projects in all development phases. Easily visualize power generation, grid infrastructure, and pricing in a single mapping tool.

Interconnection Queue
Energy Acuity takes the hassle out of tracking ISO/RTO interconnection queues. With daily updates, be the first to know about new projects, as well as existing project updates and withdrawals. Interconnection queues are tied to EA projects making it easier to understand project timelines and what companies are involved with the queue.

EQR Transactions Data
Energy Acuity makes the analysis of FERC EQR transaction and pricing data simple and intuitive. By linking FERC EQR data to Energy Acuity projects, clients can analyze project pricing as well as pricing trends by Project Location, Technology Type, Online Date, and other project criteria.

EQR Contract Data
Energy Acuity simplifies the analysis of FERC EQR contract data. Clients can review contracts tied to projects or search a database of power contracts based on characteristics such as contract type, length, execution date, and price.

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